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jean jeffersMy company name is Omega Writing Group. It is based upon the  personal business of writing in which I freelance, write for two magazines, and write fiction and non-fiction books.

I have completed my first novel, “Journey Toward Healing,” It is a story of inspiration, a Christian novel, a mystery with a bit of romance and it includes a spiritual base. The protagonist,  Rose Marie Benedicta Malloy is Director of Pinecroft House of  Peace and has a sister who is emotionally ill. Benedicta attempts to help her sister while battling an evil force.

This novel will be published February  3, 2019  and available on Amazon. The e-book will sell for 99c for the first five days and then be available for free on the sixth day before going back to the regular price.

I began writing this novel six or seven years ago. I worked on the novel on week-ends and wrote articles for magazines and did freelancing during the week. How I managed to write the entire manuscript I don’t know. I took each scene faithfully to my Writer’s Support Group for critiquing.

I didn’t begin my professional writing until I was well into mid-life. Some would say into old age. It has been a love of my life: I am happiest when I am writing.

I am having a book launching for the publication of the novel, to celebrate with friends and family, and to invite the public to join us. The public is asked to register at before attending.  The launching will be at the Mt. Washington Community Center on Beacon St. on February 9, 2019 at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. You are invited to join us!!

I am also giving a class, “Introduction to Writing,” on January 5, 2019 at Anderson Public Library from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Come if you can.

I have begun my second novel, a sequel to the first, entitled, “Journey Toward Freedom.” The protagonist in the second of the series is Lulu and with her and her story  comes a slightly different perspective from that of the  first novel, It too is a book of inspiration, with mystery, romance and the spiritual. Hopefully this book will be published in late 2019.

I am writing and hopefully publishing these books to express my love of the spiritual, to be a voice for good, make a statement about my understanding of the problems encountered by the emotionally mentally ill and practice my own gift of creativity.

I have written a story contained in an anthology, entitled, “Many Roads Taken,” (Losantiville Society of Writers, 2012)

My current magazine work is being done as a staff writer for Health & Wellness Magazine and its sister publication, Living Well 60Plus, for Rock Point Publishing Company. In the past, I also have written and published numerous articles in Today’s Christian in the Mature Years, Diabetes Health and Infinity Magazines.

I query other magazines and am available for writing of articles on medical issues and a variety of topics.

I aim for accurate, factual reporting with excellence and honesty in writing of my articles. My goals are to inform and educate, and add a measure of enjoyment by my writing. I pride myself on my work meeting deadlines and on effective editing.

I have begun the writing of a non-fiction book on depression and anxiety, tentatively entitled,”Beyond Darkness.”. It is a mix of memoir, history, and didactic.

I am in the research phase of the writing of an e-book on Diabetes.

My education in the development of my writing skills and acquiring of  the art of writing has been in the form of online courses taken from 2009–2017 ( These courses consisted of learning to write a novel, of instruction on crafting of magazine articles, and development in creative writing. Also, I have taken adult education classes in writing and publishing at University of Cincinnati, 2009–2012.

My previous work and education as an RN and worker in the health field has helped me in my writing of medical articles and in having discipline in my life. My own story and where I have been definitely inspired my novel writing.

I have been engaged in writing in my journal for many years.

I received my BSN from Spalding College, Louisville Kentucky
I received my MSN from University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Ohio

I took post-graduate classes towards a Master’s in Religion from
St. Mary’s Seminary in Cincinnati Ohio,

I assisted with the development and writing of a Newsletter for The Caregiver’s Network of Catholic Charities and Catholic Social Services, Cincinnati Ohio

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